Rules and Regulations

Open to Amateurs and PGA Golf Professionals, in good standing, provided space is available. League Membership is capped at 165 members. Returning members must register and have paid their registration by the date established by the board for the coming year or risk losing their spot.

  1. Annual registration fee is $175.00 for new amateurs and professionals. Returning amateurs and Professionals pay $110.00. Definition of a returning member (professional or amateur) is any professional or amateur who paid membership dues to the league within the previous 3 golf seasons.

  2. League plays on Thursday’s with start times set by the Tours Board. Please note in case of Holidays or make ups, Tuesday’s will be used for play.

  3. Weekly entry fees are as follows: $50.00 for Amateurs (Gross, Net, or Sr. Divisions) and $80.00 for Professionals. Skins is an optional event.  Amateurs will win gift certificates at the Host’s pro shop and the professionals will win cash prizes. Prize breakdowns are listed below and based on the number of participants. The entry fees are allocated in the following manner: Green Fee $15.00 per player, General Fund $13.00 per player, Amateur prizes $17.00 (from am entry fee), Pro Purse $47.00 (from pro entry fee)


  1. Championship eligibility will be set by the board. Currently the board’s policy is to invite the 108 and players and ties  with the highest number of weekly events entered. If at least 108 players do not register for the championship, the next group of players invited will be the next highest number of events entered. The player must play to enter a weekly event. 

  2. Handicaps: As a condition of joining the league all amateurs must have an established handicap from an approved handicap provider. During the season handicaps will be adjusted up or down as needed by the tournament administrator.

  3. Rules of Play: Any ball in the fairway of the hole being played may be lifted, cleaned, and placed within one club of its original position. No ball lying on the fringe of a green may be moved onto the putting surface using the above procedure. In BUNKERS, a ball may be lifted, cleaned, bunker raked, and replaced in the original spot. Snow in Bunkers are to be treated as casual water. The player has the option to rake the snow, replace on top of the snow and to its original position or proceed under the casual water rule in a Hazard.   Water Hazards, Lateral Hazards, and Out of Bounds rules and relief options are to be adhered to in accordance the USGA Rules of Golf. It is the responsibility of ALL league members to be sure that these policies are adhered to within your foursome. Violations should be reported to the Tournament Administrator as soon as possible and will be addressed by the tournament chairman.

  4. Behavior: The success of the league is not possible without the courses on our schedule. Please show respect to the care of the course, staff, members, and your fellow competitors. Destruction to the course, its property, abusive behavior to the staff, fellow members will not be tolerated during league play. Also, members must be careful of themselves and their fellow league members in regard to drinking alcohol before during and after play. It is imperative for the protection of our participating facilities and for each other that members do not exceed legal limits of intoxication and drive away from a facility. League members found guilty of this are subject to the penalties set forth by the board.

  5. Schedule: Is subject to change during the season based on inclement weather. The league will do its best to provide information on any changes. It is the memberships responsibility to check the website and or emails on possible changes to the schedule. FROST DELAYS on days where tee times are being employed and the delay is until at least 9:00am, the league will go to a shot- gun start at 10:00 am. Hole assignments will be give no later than 9:45.

  6. All players may carry their own clubs. Golf carts and Pull carts, if available, are at the players expense. Provided with host clubs approval, players may bring their own pull cart and must pay the host club the appropriate pull cart fee.

  7. Dress Code: The league does not allow jeans, dungarees, sweat suits, tee shirts, or other non- golf attire. Hats with brim worn forward and removed when inside the clubhouse.

2020/2021 Caliendo Winter Golf Tour (CWGT) Refund Policy


Withdrawal prior to the close of entries

*Any player withdrawing will be automatically refunded their entry fee minus a $5.00 administrative fee.

The player must withdraw via GolfGenius.


Withdrawal after the close of entries

*The player must either email or text CWGT Tournament Administrator, Mark McCabe, to withdraw. A player can't withdraw via Golf Genius after the close of registration. The player will be refunded their entry fee minus a $10.00 administrative fee. 


Withdrawal after 5:00 PM the day prior to the event

*The player must either email or text CWGT Tournament Administrator, Mark McCabe, to withdraw. The player will be refunded their entry fee minus a $10.00 administrative fee if their spot in the field is filled with another player otherwise the player will not receive a refund. Withdrawals will be filled in the order they are received. A No Show will not receive a refund.

Mark McCabe contact information - or text 732.247.0819. Phone calls/voicemails will not be accepted.