SECTION 1.   The name of this organization shall be the JOHN CALIENDO SHORE WINTER GOLF TOUR. 

SECTION 2.   This league has been formed and exists for the purpose of promoting and fostering the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.  To this end the objectives of the organization are: (A) To hold weekly tournaments (played on Thursdays- except holidays when the tournament will be held on a Monday of the same or following week.) as recommended by the Tournament Director and approved by the Executive Board.  (B)  To affiliate with such organizations as is deemed advisable.  (C)  To develop a genial spirit of fellowship among the participants of the John Caliendo Shore Winter Golf League and golf courses used for tournaments. 

SECTION 3.   The officers of this league shall be a committee of (11) eleven Board Members who will be elected for a two year term.  The election of the Executive Board will elect from this group a PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, AND SECRETARY/TREASURER. Any vacancy in the Executive Board shall be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Board.  Anyone so elected shall hold office for the period of an unexpired term. The Executive Board will meet at the call of the President. 

SECTION 4.   Any amateur or professional golfer is eligible to participate in this league upon approval of the Executive Board along with payment of all fees and abides by the league rules and regulations. Any league participant may be reprimanded, suspended or expelled by a majority vote of the Executive Board. 

SECTION 5.   Appeal Process—A league member may appeal the decision of the Executive Board, in writing, to the Secretary/Treasurer, within (14) fourteen days of suspension or expulsion for review and disposition.


SECTION 6.   The Executive Board shall supervise and promote the activities of the league as outlined in this constitution.  The Tournament Chairman shall be responsible for arranging the schedule of tournaments with approval of the Executive Board.  The Tournament Administrator shall fix handicaps of all participants in the league as determined by a system of handicapping approved by the Executive Board.  He shall be responsible for conducting each week’s tournaments. 

SECTION 7.   The order of business of all meetings of the league shall be as follows: 1. Call to order  2. Roll call officers  3.  Reading of minutes of previous meeting  4.  Communication and Bills  5. Reports  6.  Unfinished Business  7.  New Business  8. Other matters  9. Adjournments golf course---checks to be cashed by Secretary/Treasurer. 

SECTION 8.   This constitution may be amended by majority vote of Executive Board present at league meeting. 

Adopted October 18, 1991 by vote of 8 ayes, 0 nays, and 3 members absent.