2020/2021 Caliendo Winter Golf Tour (CWGT) Registration Schedule for Weekly Events (Thursday Events)

(Registration Schedule for any event held on a day other than a Thursday will be announced prior to that event registration.)


*Registration will open on the Friday prior to the event at 9:00 AM via Golf Genius to members on the 2020/2021 tee sheet.

(2019/2020 CWGT Tee Sheet will be updated after the close (10/1/20 5:00 PM) of the 2020/2021 CWGT Registration and sent out to all members.)


*Registration will open for all other members on the Sunday prior to the event at 5:00 PM.


*Registration will close at 5:00 PM on the Tuesday prior to the event for all members.

Results can be check on the schedule page.

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